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About SPM
Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. Ltd. (SPM) is recognized as a major pharmacy equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our company is founded in Shanghai, China, with a base of 16 years of prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry. This has allowed us to expand our business in a well-planned manner. We now offer a comprehensive line of quality pharmaceutical machines at competitive prices. In addition, we can undertake turnkey projects for conceptual design, process design, water treatment solutions, cleanroom design, etc.


SPM Products
Our products fall into four categories, which are solid preparation machinery,iquid-injection processing machinery, pharmaceutical packaging machinery, and laboratory instruments. Some of our primary products are pulverizers, blenders, granulators, sterilizing machines, blister packing machines, encasing machines, air compressors, and tablet testing instruments. Our solid preparation equipment and liquid processing equipment, which are corrosion resistant, highly effective, safe, and easy to use, are utilized in countless applications. For example, our rotary tablet press presses granular materials into tablets, our capsule filling machine is suitable for filling powdered or granular materials into capsules, and our freeze drying machine is mainly used for the cryo-drying of blood products, vaccines, antibiotics, and biological products. For more product applications, please see our product page to find a complete list of our pharmaceutical machinery.


Industries Served
At SPM, we focus on fabricating efficient and technically sound pharmaceutical machines that meet or exceed our customers' expectations. Our vast product selection caters to numerous industries, worldwide. Some of the areas we serve are
Food Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Chemical Industry
Electronic Industry
Ceramic Industry


Quality Assurance
We are a quality-driven company and are focused on providing the highest quality pharmaceutical processing equipment. We employ a quality control department to verify each product at different phases, from the procurement of parts, through the delivery to our customers. In order to offer the best quality, we manufacture our products in accordance with international standards, such as FDA, GMP, CGMP, HACCP, EDMF, and COS. Additionally, we have acquired the most advanced equipment available, including a machining center, highly precise NC milling machine, digital display horizontal boring machine, and three-dimensional duplicating milling machine.


International Markets
Our experience with pharmaceutical machinery throughout the world has built us a reputation as a trusted pharmacy-equipment supplier. Currently, our products are exported to many parts of the world, including Korea, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Iran, Japan, Denmark, Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, South Africa, Nigeria, USA, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, and more.


Customer Service
Our excellent customer service also includes the installation of our machines. To ensure smooth performance, we also provide a one year warranty, and a spare set of wearing parts to our customers. If any difficulty occurs, we will supply free spare parts and even on-site service, upon request.
Please contact us to help you with your particular pharmacy equipment needs.

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