• Product name: DPB-65 Mini Aluminium-plastic Blister Packing Machine
  • Product Number: 3-2-004

Product specify:
This machine was developed on the basis of our current market research, which is a test product specially designed for the small-scale pharmaceutical factory, department of pharmaceutical of hospital and research institute of pharmaceutical factory.
Adopts a cycloid pin gear device for the main driving unit, which has long life and smooth running.
A coordinated process for shaping, feeding, heat, which has long life and smooth running.
With the advantages such as accurate synchronization, clear cross-hatching, adjustable stroke and easy mould replacement.
It is suitable for the combined sealing packing for capsules, table and food, chemical industrial products and electronic components etc.
Technical parameter:
Item DPT-65
Produce capacity 20~50thousand tablets/h
Punching frequency 30times/min
Standard edition 57X80mm
Power 220V, 50Hz, 2.6kw
PVC  0.2~0.25X65~70(width) mm
Aluminum foil of PTP 0.02X65~70(width) mm
Overall dimension 880×480×980mm
Weight 180kg

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