• Product name: CJY-300C Tablet Brittleness Instrument
  • Product Number: 4-1-003

CJY-300C type tablet brittleness instrument is a metering equipment for controlling tablet stability. Suitable to examination mach stability, wear resistance, resistance to collision as well as other physics strength such as cracking strength etc in table plant medicine examining institute and hospital etc. it’s essential, to examine tablet, reliable datum can not be offered for tablet of sugar coating, being in accordance with standard of medicine code 2000 edition of china, regarding examination of medicine brittleness.
This instrument equipped with the two wheel drums of transparent organic glass, auto stop alarm is to be performed till 100 rotation within 25 rpm projection about whole instrument structure reasonable, layout comfortable, operation simple, open and close in drum during feeding medicine convenient, transparency high so as to observe metering condition.

Main Technical Parameter
■ Inside dia. of wheel drum: φ286 mm
■ Depth of wheel drum: 39mm
■ Speed: 25rpm, 100 times stopping machine.

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