• Product name: KFG2-B Screw Powder Filling, Adding Stoppers And Aluminum Capping Machine
  • Product Number: 2-2-006

Main Application:
KFG2-B Screw Capping Machine-packing is the company many years ago developed sterile powder for injection into separate bottles and sealing equipment, due to its loading volume of accurate, powder consumption is low, capping a high pass rate. The machine uses microcomputer to set measurable, easy to use, easy to operate, it has a large number of users of domestic and exported to Southeast Asia and some developed countries. Machine simple operation, high degree of automation, and the demolition of convenient, easy to key parts cleaning, full compliance with GMP requirements.
■ Computer control of load, the amount of high precision equipment to regulate the large dose range.
■ Non-stop can be set to adjust the amount of sub-installed equipment.
■ Powder-packing-screw and the next mouth contact is automatically stopped and displayed under the powder.
■ Bottle regardless of lack of equipment and empty bottles automatic stopping device.
■ To adapt to the screw-cap plastic lid function.
■ Fixed torque Capping, Capping good quality and good sealing.
■ Frequency Control.
■ Automatically displays the counting function
■ According to user needs, can carry 100 laminar flow protection device.
Main technical parameter:
Suitable vial specification 2-20ml,30-100ml,100-250ml
  Production capacity(Vial/min) 0.5-2g 100-120
2-5g: 80-100
>5g 20-50
Source 220V/ 50Hz
Power(Kw) 1
Deviation ≤±1%
Stoppers feeding ratio: ≥99%
Vacuum degree equipped 6×10-2Mpa
Vacuum quantity equipped 14m3/h
Noise(dB) ≤70
Weight (kg) 400
Overall dimension(mm) 2620×1000 ×1750

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