• Product name: RCZ-6B2 Six-cup Medicine Dissolving Instrument
  • Product Number: 4-1-004

RCZ-6C type medicine dissolving instrument is a new product prepared in accordance with specification of medicine code of China 2000 edition, its indexes of main characteristics excess same sort of product at home. Up-down driver with double upright pillars adopted so as to be beautifully fashioned layout, operate conveniently and get high autoimmunization, projection about the most new of circuit applied, property outstanding, measured datum precise. Besides human body imitated by tablet to make trial, degree of dissolution about pill tablet and capsule to be measured, also can be sued in food and cosmetic professions for measuring dissolution relative to them. It can be widely applied to medicine examining section. College of medical science, department of researches as well as laboratory.

Main Technical Parameter:
■ Limit of thermo controlling: 36.5 ~ 38.5 ℃ (Digital display)
■ Speed Limit: 25 ~200rpm (digital Display)
■ Accuracy of thermo controlling: ±0.3 ℃
■ Tolerance of stable speed: < ±4%
■ Wagging width at rotary basket rotating: < ±1.0mm
■ Syn axis rake between rotary axis and flask: < ±1mm
■ Wagging width of up-down and left-right on external part at paddle rotating: < ±0.5mm
■ Number of flask: 6 pieces

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