• Product name: GK Dry Granulator
  • Product Number: 1-5-001

Main Application:
Principle: By using the crystallization water in the materials, the equipment can form the granules directly by the condensed water of raw material. Thus, simplifying the process, reducting the cost upgrading the quality, resultedly, making high-density granules, in accordance with GMP. It may apply to the request to chemistry, pharmacy, food and other powder-processing industry.
Main technical parameter:
Model Capacity Feeding size Working pressure Motor power Overall dimension Weight
GK-70 20-60kg/h 0.4-5mm 198KN 7.15KW 1380*850*2200 1600KG
GK-120 60-200kg/h 0.4-5mm 294KN 13.75KW 1850*1100*2600 2000KG
GK-250 80-300kg/h 0.4-5mm 294KN 25KW 2080*1240*2920 3000KG

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