• Product name: ZKS Vacuum Charging Machine
  • Product Number: 1-1-013

Model ZKS Vacuum charging machine is specially designed for lifting granules to higher position, such as for packing machine, pulverizer, vibration screen etc. It consists of feeding pipe, hopper, cloth bag filter, reverse-blowing device, vacuum pump and pneumatic T-connection valve etc.
Utilizing the vortex vacuum pump, the feeding nozzle and the whole system lie in the vacuum condition. Powder together with the air is absorbed into the nozzle, forming the feeding air current which go through feeding pipe to the hopper. There occurs the separation between air and feeding material. The separated materials enter the receiving equipment.
Main Technical Specifications:
Model Motor powder (kw) Lifting capability (kg/h)
ZKS-1 1.5 400
ZKS-2 2.2 550
ZKS-3 3 800
ZKS-4 5.5 1500

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