• Product name: ZPW Series Rotary Tablet Press
  • Product Number: 1-1-010

It is widely used to press various granular materials into tablets in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramic, electronic and battery industries.
According to the shape of tablet, our tablet press can produce round, irregular, ring shaped or double engraved tablets.
When it comes to the layer of tablet, our tablet press can make single layer, double-layer and even triple-layer tablets to satisfy different demands of our customers.
The tablet press (or pill press) is compatible to the GMP requirements. The tablet-pressing compartment is separated from the driving mechanism to prevent the contamination of the pharmaceutical materials. It is made of stainless steel or zinc plated in the surface for good abrasion and corrosion resistance.
With the main machine and the operational control panel separated, ZPW multi-functional rotary tablet press is convenient to operate and maintain.
Adopting PLC programmable controller, the main functions, production data and malfunction of the tablet pressing are monitored and controlled.
Due to the use of inverter, the adjustment of speed is stepless and reliable with a wide range.
Motor with frequency inverter is utilized to ensure the constant power and speed adjustment with consistent torque, thus meeting the requirement on the torque with the stipulated range for the rotary speed of the press.
Main Technical Specifications:
Type ZPW25 ZPW31 ZPW37
Dies(sets) 25 31 37
Max. Pressure(KN) 80 80 80
Max. Dia of Tablet(mm) 25 18 13
Max. Depth of Fill(mm) 18 18 18
Turret Speed(r/min) 46 46 46
Production Capacity(pc/h)
Single layer:
Double layers:
Motor(Kw) 4 4 4

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