• Product name: Ampoule Tunnel Sterilization Dryer
  • Product Number: 2-1-003

Main Applications :
Our ampoule tunnel sterilization dryer is mainly used on the injection linked production line of pharmaceutical factories. It is suitable for continous drying, sterilizing and pyrogen removing of the washed ampoule or big/small glass medicine bottle.
■ Using heating of “hot air laminar flow”, it achieves constant and even heating
■ Short sterilization time, good sterilization effect
■ High production capacity
Main technical parameter:
Model number SZAL400/32 ASMR600/43
Production capability 7000-20000 bottle/hour 11000-30000 bottle/hour
Tunnel air cleaning level 100 class (USA standard 209E)
Power Machine power: 36.59kw Elec. Heating power:32.4kw Machine power: 47.39 Elec. Heating power: 43.2kw
Power supply 380V 50Hz(3-phase 5-line)
Noise of whole machine Less than 80dB(A)
Max. working temperature 350℃
Bottle outlet temperature Lower than room temperature+15℃
Overall size (mm) 3150×1400×2350 3150×1550×2350
Weight 1900kg 2000kg

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