• Product name: LTB-A Labeling Machine
  • Product Number: 3-1-004

Brief introduction:
The sticky labeler applies sticky roller to label on small round bottles. In the process of vertical bottle feeding, label is torn off consecutively from the labeling roll and stuck on the fixed position of the bottle body. It is a modern machine integrating mechanism and electricity with good and reliable working property.
The sticky label has the advantages of cleaning, non-mouldness, elegance, durableness, and high efficiency. It’s widely used in the fields of medicine, food stuff, stationery, cosmetics, light industry, chemical industry, etc. The machine can stick label on all types of circular stuff with great adaptability.
Main Characteristics:
■ Driven by bi-motors adjusting speed respecitively.
■ Controlled by photon-electricity with advanced step motor, it can lock itself and it has the properties of reliable positioning and high sensitivity.
■ PLC is supplied from renowned domestic supplier. It’s easy and prompt to maintain.
■ A hot code printer can be equipped based on the requirement and the printing is firm and legible.
Major Technical Data:
■ Productive Capacity: 60~80 bottles/Min
■ (According to the diameter of bottle mouse and the length of label)
■ outside diameter of bottles:∮30-∮120mm
■ height:(can be customized based on the requirements)
■ Total Power: 400W
■ Voltage: 220V 50Hz/60Hz
■ Overall dimension (mm): 1600*700*1100mm
■ Total Weight: 145kg

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