• Product name: JF-2 induction Sealing Machine
  • Product Number: 3-1-003

Brief introduction:
■ This induction sealing machine is newly-built on the basis of electromagnetic induction technology, which is economical and easy to operate. It can seal the mouth of container with aluminum foil at high speeds.
Key Features of Induction Sealing Machine :
■ Sealing speed up to 120 CPM
■ Heavy duty construction
■ Auto stop and alarm when lack water
■ Stable operation, less noise
■ Automatically reject caps when there is no aluminum foil
Industries Served :
■ Cosmetic, healthcare
■ Household chemical
■ Food & beverage
■ Nutraceuticals
■ Pharmaceuticals
Technical Specifications of Induction Sealing Machine:
■ Sealing Speed: 50-120cpm (based on the diameter of bottleneck)
■ Diameter of bottleneck: Φ20-80mm
■ Dimensions: 1600mm×600mm×1300 mm (Length × Width × Height)
■ Weight: 180kg
■ Electrical Requirements: Power: 2000w, Voltage: 220v, Frequency: 50-60HZ (Optional)
■ Working direction: Left Right (or Right Left)

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