• Product name: GS-16 Counting Machine
  • Product Number: 3-1-006

Brief introduction:
This high-speed tablet and capsule counter combines 16-channel counting heads over a dual-track conveyor on a single frame to double the productivity without doubling the floor space. It is suitable for various kinds of tablets, caplets and capsules with different shapes, sizes and properties.
Key Features of Counting Machine:
■ Speeds up to 60 cpm based on 100-count bottles with vibration system
■ Counter discrepancy is less than 1‰
■ Weight inspector system (Optional system)
■ Stable operation and low noise
■ Bottles are smoothly conveyed by dual-track conveyor
■ Full-set protecting device for stable operation and high security
■ Adopt touch screen and control system for easy control
■ Simple straight forward operator controls
■ On-screen trouble description
■ Stainless frame
Industries Served:
■ Nutraceuticals
■ Pharmaceuticals
■ Food & beverage
Specifications of Counting Machine:
■ Counting & Filling speed: 3000-6000 pieces/minute based on 20-999 pieces/bottle
■ Bottleneck size: ≥Φ25 mm (customized based on the requirements)
■ Bottle size: Φ35 mm-60 mm (customized based on the requirements)
■ Dimensions: 1800mm×1420mm×1600 mm (Length × Width × Height)
■ Weight: 280kg
■ Electrical requirements: Power:500W, Voltage: 220v, Frequency: 50-60HZ(Optional)
■ Working direction: Left → Right (or Right → Left)

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