• Product name: Bottle Packing line
  • Product Number: 3-1-009

Brief introduction:
Multi-function design, following the technologic link required by traditional techniques to ensure the continuity of working process
■ The accuracy of counting
■ The approved rate of inserted substance
■ The approved rate of capping
■ The approved rate of aluminum foil sealing
■ The approved rate of labeling and code printing
■ The consist of production line:
■ Bottle automatic arranging machine  (SLP200)
■ Counting & Filling Machine  (GS16)
■ Cotton inserting machine  (C1200)
■ Desiccant filling machine  (D1200)
■ High speed capping machine  (GX200)
■ Aluminum foil induction sealing machine  (JF-2)
■ Labeling machine (LTB-A)

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