• Product name: YGX Linear Filling & Sealing Machine
  • Product Number: 2-5-005

■ Combine such functions as bottle-feeding, filling, cap-arranging, cap-installing and sealing (cap-rotating or cap-rolling) in one.
■ Simple structure of stainless steel metering pump and filling head is easy to set up, clean and sterilize.
■ (Optional) No bottle no filling; free of drips and drops.
■ Star turntable, controlled by high-precision cam dividing mechanism, conveys bottles in right position.
■ Wide application and easy to change accessories for different specifications.
■ High performance, compatible with GMP.
Technical Parameters:
■ Capacity: 40 ~ 60 bpm
■ Scope of bottle: 25 ~ 250ml plastic/glass bottle
■ Inaccuracy: ±2%
■ Cap-installing: electromagnetic vibration
■ Sealing: cap-rotating or cap-rolling

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