• Product name: B.GX-I FILLING SCREWING(CAPPING) Machine
  • Product Number: 2-5-008

Brief introduction:
B.GX-Ⅰ Filling Screwing(Capping) Machine The machine is mainly suitable for liquid filling in such industries as pharmacy, food, chemistry, and pesticide, etc. It suits for the bottle of different materials and specification, with the feature of simple structure, stable performance, convenient maintenance and stopping filling when there is no bottle. The parts that contact the materials are made of stainless steel and meet GMP standard.
Main technical parameter:
CAPACITY 35~45 b/min
Filling precise ≤± 2%
Capping rate ≥ 98%
  Screwing rate ≥ 98%
Power 1.2KW
Power supply 380V/50HZ
Dimension 2440*1800*1200
Net Weight 650kg

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