• Product name: ZP100 Series Rotary Tablet Press
  • Product Number: 1-1-005

■ ZP100 rotary tablet press is a serial product widely used by pharmaceutical, food industry to produces all kinds of round tablets and irregular tablets.
■ This series meets the GMP standard, pressing chamber is utterly separated with the gear system there is no any paint in the chamber, the parts contacting with tablets are made of stainless steel or the surface of those parts are specially handled. The parts are poisonous less and rotten –resistant, the chamber is also sealed with or organic glass to prevent pollution.
■ The gear system, the track and the major friction parts are fully lubricated by the continual and concentrated lubrication device of the ZP100.
■ Being accordance with it can be equipped with freed feeding device to ensure feeding of powdery material customer’s demand.
■ It’s very convenient to observe, operate the pressure, thickness, feeding, speed adjustable hand wheels and all kinds of buttons, indicating lights and indicators are at the same side. The design of ZP100 series is reasonable. Most of parts are universal in this series, so it’s easy to manage and change the spare parts. The punch and dies meet the IPT standard.
Main Technical Specifications:


ZPY136 ZPY129 ZPY124


36 29 24

Max. Pressure (KN)

80 80 80

Max. Dia. of Tablet (mm)

13 18 22

Max. Depth of Fill (mm)

18 18 18

Production Capacity (pcs/h)

9000 78000 64000



High (mm)

With material vessel


Without material vessel


Cover space (mm)


Net Weight  (Kg)


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