• Product name: 35 Items in One Water Test Instrument
  • Product Number: 4-1-001

Instrument features:
■ National Standard Methods
■ Detection rate of 5-30 minutes
■ Large-screen LCD display, single-chip microcomputer intelligent control, human-computer interactive operation, with the measurements, set up, recording, preservation and data processing functions

The Instrument can test 35 items quickly, They are as following:
Residual chlorine, total chlorine, turbidity A, turbidity B, fluoride, nitrate nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, iron, manganese, dissolved oxygen, trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium, sulfide, ammonia, calcium, total hardness (drops), chemical oxygen demand, ozone, total phosphorus, zinc, pH, the formaldehyde, chlorine dioxide, chloride, aluminum, nickel, color, silver, copper, sulfate, cyanide, phosphate, volatile phenol, cadmium, CODMn (drop)

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