• Product name: QVC Series Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyer
  • Product Number: 1-1-015

QVC Series Pneumatic Conveyer is used in automatic material for Tablet Press machine. Pulverizing machine, capsule filling machine, Screen machine .Packing machine, Pulverizing machine, Screen machine and Mixing machine etc. It needn’t any mechanical vacuum pump, so it is simple structure, small volume, without repairing, no noise and easy being controlled. It can be stopped separating layer for the feeding material because the machine has high vacuum. QVC Series Pneumatic Vacuum Conveyer was designed according to international standard. It is easy cleaned and beautiful. It is up to GMP requirement.
■ Solve the problem thoroughly about the separating layer of material.
■ The sintered-metal filter is Japanese original.
■ It can be removed the material static electricity.
■ It is airtight without crossed contamination.
■ It is made in good quality stainless steel(403 and 316).
■ It is made in non-toxic and corrosion resistant material.
■ Filter is easy cleaned.
■ It is controlled intelligently and automatically.
■ It is easy dismantled with building blocks structure.
■ It is easy set up and small volume, the weight is light
■ It is no noise and screening
■ It is economical and practical the cost is lower.
Main technical parameter:
Model Capacity(kg/h) Compressed Air(L/min) Mpa
QVC-1 350 180 0.4-0.6
QVC-2 700 360 0.4-0.6
QVC-3 1050 540 0.4-0.6
QVC-4 1500 720 0.4-0.6
QVC-5 3000 1440 0.4-0.6

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