• Product name: ZS Oscillating Screener
  • Product Number: 1-7-001

Main Application:
This machine is used in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It is ideal for raw material of mixture of powder, small particles and bigger granule and the continuous production process.
This machine is composed of chute, oscillating chamber, shafts connector and motor. There is eccentric wheel, rubber parts, major shaft, bearings and so on. It has many advantages such as compact structure, small size, less powder, low noise, high productivity, low energy consumption, easy-move & maintenance and so on.
Main technical parameter:
Item ZS-350 ZS-515 ZS-650
Productivity(Kg/H) 60~500kg 100~500kg 18~2000kg
Screen 12~200 mesh 12~200 mesh 12~200 mesh
Vibration frequency 1380 times/min. 1370 times/min. 1370 times/min.
Outer size(Two layers) in L*W*H 540×540×1060mm 710×510×1290mm 880×880×1350mm
Net Weight 100Kg 180kg 250KG

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