• Product name: BG-80D Seris High-efficient Film Coating Machine Of Spraying
  • Product Number: 1-3-004

Model BG series high-efficient film coating machine of sprayung etc, is import PLC, man-machine interface, automatic to shoulder keep, programmable control system that easy to operate, accord with GMP standard, apply to carry on the sugar-coat capsule pharmacy, in food industry,Western medicine slice, pill, candy, etc, extensively, organic membrane capsule, water dissolve the new-type capsule equipment of the membrane capsule.
■ The main machine has importing PLC, man -machine interface, touch-sensitive screen to, press automatically.an carry on the operation of capsule crafts automatically or manually.
■ Adopt Japan import spray gun is heavy atomization even to spray surface, the angle is adjustable, no water clock, on stop up, the auxiliary materials are saved.
■ Grout mixer can is it compress air transport way or wriggle pump transport in the select for use, collect an organic whole electrically, no pollution.Hot ait cabinet has flame-provp elementary, middle and senior100 thousand grade purifying filter Exhaust cabinet has the devices of shockproof, flame-proof and automatic dust removing.
■ Type production lot and write down the device.
■ The whole automatics washed in place.
■ Open and close both sides and seal the door device automatically.
■ The color rejects the control panel device.
■ This slice of core is put into the clean and airtight film coating machine and rotated in the cylinder under streamline shape water conservancy diversion board function, roll ceaselessly, make a scene of core smooth in upset, frequently exchange. Film coating medium in paddle barrel, through compress air transport or wriggle the pump not to transport, from a slice of core rolling, and arrange under the function of the wind in the hot wind at the same time, make the capsule medium dry fast on a slice of core surface, from the firm and smooth surface capsule membrane, then produce material automatically after reaching the technological requirement.
Main technical parameter:
Item\Moedl BG-40Y BG-80Y BG-150Y
Max Load Capacity 40kg/次(run) 80kg/次(run) 150kg/次(run)
Coating rattler diameter φ820mm φ950mm φ1200mm
Feed space diameter φ340mm φ380mm φ480mm
Rotatuon speed of coating rattler(rpm) 3~22r.p.m 3~22r.p.m 3~16r.p.m
Motor power of main machine 1.1KW 1.5KW 2.2KW
Motor power of exhaust machine 2.2KW 3KW 5.5KW
Flow rate of gas exhaust machine 3517m3/h 268m3/h 7419m3/h
Motor power of heating dyer machine 0.25KW 0.75KW 1.1KW
Flow rate of gas heating dyer machine 950m3/h 1950m3/h 2500m3/h
Shirring barrel Volume 30L 50L 65L
Heat with steam main power Three five line system Three-phase five line system (with clean) Three-phase five line system (with clean)
Main power of electric heating power sauce Three-phase five line system Three-phase five line system (with clean) Three-phase five line system (with clean)
Cleaned air of pressure/air consumption ≥0.6Mpa/0.5M3/min ≥0.6Mpa/0.9M3/min ≥0.6Mpa/1.2M3/min

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