DPH-250 High-speed Blister Packaging Mahine


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DPH-250 High-speed Blister Packaging Mahine

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Product specify:
It is a kind of high-speed blister packaging equipment and standard packaging machine that our company puts out latest by higher science and technology. It has gained two advanced patented technologies (Patent NO. is 200620106214.8&200620106215.2). The products have been appraised as the provincial science and technology accomplishments. Its punch frequency is higher and its capacity is large. This model has more efficiency and lower cost, which provides the new choice for pharmaceutical industry medicine packaging.
1、 PLC programmable controller, stepless frequency inverter, man-machine interface to operation, high automation.
2、 Flat plate normal pressure to form, low temperature for forming(120℃), blister with homogenous hardness, roll mash sealing, improve the sealing speed.
3、 Cross punching without waste material (it can save the material for 15ten thousand RMB), it is the packaging equipment improve by higher science and technology at present.
4、 Through the transmission can shift gears to change the number of molding and stamping frequency ratio to meet the specifications of various drugs version of the production requirements. (Forming such as a vertical version of the three, with the number of molding blanking ratio of the number of a vertical baffle molding to 4, Molding is the number and frequency of blanking the ratio of 1:4 )


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Technical parameter:

Punch Frequency(Times/min) 60-160
Capacity(Blister/h) 28800(According To The Standard Plate 80×57mm Can Calculate The Max Capacity)
Power 9 KW 380V/220V 50Hz
Main motor power (kw) 1.5
Package materials(mm) PVC 250×0.25 PTP 250×0.02
Packing maximum diameter(mm) PTP Φ280mm PVC Φ400mm
Maximum forming areas(mm) 240×240×12
Forming Traction Of Stroke(mm) 100-250
Punching Traction Of Stroke(mm) 20-100
Water consumption (L/Min) 3.2
Gas consumption(L/Min) 300
Overall dimension(mm) 2600×850×1780
Weight(Kg) 2000


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