SLB-150 And 220 automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine


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SLB-150 And 220 automatic Double Aluminum Packing Machine

Product description
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Product specify:
This machine is suitable for the automatic bi-al foil sealing of capsules and tablets or balls for the pharmaceutics, chemistry and food-staff industry. The package can be airtight and can avoid the light, and also can seal the capsules bi-plastically.
Vibration feeding and fracture screening, numbering, vertical and horizontal pressing, cutting the extra sides and printing the lot number can be made fully automatic. The products are in conformity with the standards of the GMP.


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Technical parameter:

Model SLB150 SLB220
Speed of drum (cuttings/min) 7-15 (stepless) 7~15(steepless)
Capacity (10thous pieces/h) 2-6 3~8.5
Max Packing dimensions(mm) 150  Manufactured as user's requirements 220
PVC for medicine(mm) 0.05-0.1×150 220×0.05~0.1
AL-plastic combined film (mm) 0.08×150 220×0.08
Hole dia. of reel(mm) Ф40-45 70~75
Electrothermal power 1kw×2 1 Kw×2
Main motor (kw) 0.55 0.55
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.4~0.6,≥0.1m3/min 0.4~0.6,≥0.1m3/min
Overall dimensions (mm)  1450×600×1670(L×W×H) 1450×670×1670(L×W×H)
Weight(kg)   600 800


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