DXDF Series Automatic Power Packing Machine


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DXDF Series Automatic Power Packing Machine

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Driven by step motor with high precision, powder screw filling device is able to fill and measure the powder automatically by using different type of screws.
This machine can be used to pack all kinds of free-flowing powder materials such as flour, coffee powder, lotus root starch, bean-milk powder, bone-strong powder and nutritious food stuff in powder form etc.
This highly automatic packing machine has adopted a PLC programmable controller as well as an English and Chinese display screen that makes it easy to operate and convenient to be adjusted.
The use of advanced photoelectric digital tracking system makes it possible to set the length of package and when packing film with cursor mark is used, the first package is able to seize the cursor mark and get correct designed patterns. Synchronous package pulling system makes the movement of the packages smooth and accurate.
Sealed, insulated and corrosion-proof soft touching display screen is provided.


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Main Technical Parameters:

Packing speed 30-60 packages/min 20-50 packages /min
Range of measuring 1-50g 100-500g
Package length 50-120mm(Adjustable) 80-240mm(Adjustable)
Package width 40-80mm(Adjustable) 80-180mm
Type of bag-making Three-side sealing, four-side sealing, or back sealing back sealing
Power supply 220V single-phase 50HZ
Total power 900W 1.8KW
G.W. 185kg 350kg
Dimension L800 * W700 * H1550mm L900 * W1300 * H2000mm


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