ZP198 Series Rotary Tablet Press


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ZP198 Series Rotary Tablet Press

Product description
Parameter & Video
1.The machine is a single-press type. The outside part of the machine is fully enclosed. It meets the GMP requirement.
2.Install pre-pressure and main pressure.
3.Main shaft drives and the speed is adjusted by Frequency Conversion.
4.Advanced turbine retard.
5.There are thrust shaft and lubricate shaft on turret.
6.Numerical show
A.Show present main pressure (Max. pressure 60 KN)
B.Show present tablet thickness
C.Show present filling
D. Show present pre-pressure roller position
E.Show present pressure of exit tablets (Max. 10 KN)
F.Show present speed of turret
7.Touching type operation push-button
8.Protecting and reporting function
A.Protecting and reporting for motor breakdown
B.Protecting and reporting for exceed pressure
C.Protecting and reporting for loading and unloading lower punches
D. Emergency stopping function


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Main Technical Specifications:

Model ZP23 ZP21 ZP17 ZP10 ZP14 ZP8
Dies(sets) 23 21 17 10 14 8
Max. Pressure (KN) 40 60
Max. Pre-Pressure (KN) 10
Max. Dia. of Tablet(mm) 11 13 18 22
Max. thickness of Tablet (mm) 8
Max. Depth of Fill (mm) 16
Turret Speed (r/min) 8-30 8-20
Production capacity (pcs/h) 11000-41400 10000-37800 8100-30600 6700-16800 3800-8400
Diameter of the die (mm) 22 24 30.16 38.1
Thickness of the die (mm) 22.22 23.8
Diameter of the shank(mm) 19 25.35
Length of the shank(mm) 133.35
Overall Size (L*W*H) (mm) 540*520*1600
Motor (Kw) 1.1
Net Weigh t(Kg) 500


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