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DP30 Single Punch Tablet Press

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This machine is widely used for pharmacy, chemical, food, and metallurgy industry. It can press round tablets or irregular tablets from various granular materials.
As its feature: high precision of filling, low-noise, low-consumption of material, and it works smoothly. The minimum consumption of lab material is just 200g.
It is a good machine designed for the lab used for research and for development in hospital and industry and for small-scale production.


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Main technical parameter:

Model DP30 Single Punch Tablet Press
Number of Top Punch             set 1 2 3
Max. Tablet Dia.                mm 20 10 7
Max. Output                  tablet/h 3600 7200 10800
Max. Filling Depth              mm 16
Max. Pressure                  KN 30
Power                         kw 0.55
Rated Power Source          AC220V/50Hz
Weight                        Kg 160
Overall Dimension              mm 708*459*740


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