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CSJ Model Rough Mill

Product description
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Main usage:
This machine is applied by the industries of pharmaceutics, chemical, metallurgy, foodstuff, and architecture etc. It specially grinds the hard and solid granule materials including the breaking of plastics materials and cooper wires, as well as the pre-treatment coordinated machine for fine grinding process.
Accepting vertical grinding mechanism, this machine can process any material without being limited by the viscosity, hardness, or softness of the said material.
Working method:
Any raw material, being feed into the grind chamber through the upper feeder, struck and impacted by the knife-edges knife stand, cut and grinded simultaneously by the revolving and fixed knifes, automatically runs to the exist by the centrifugal force of revolving object.


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Main technical parameter:

Model CSJ
Capacity 100-500
Size of input granules ≤100
Size of output granules 0.5-20
Power 4
Speed of principal axis 940
Overall size (L*W*H) 1080*530*1460
Weight 380


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