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FZG Vacuum Dryer

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Vacuum dry is to let the raw material to be dried at vacuum condition heating and drying .It used vacuum pump to pump damp and make the working chamber form vacuum status. Therefore the dry speed pf raw material is quickened and the energy is saved greatly.
Vacuum dry is divided into static and dynamic drier. Model FZG round vacuum drier or Model FZG square vacuum drier belongs to static drier. Model SZG double cone rotating vacuum drier belongs to dynamic drier. When raw material is dried in static drier, raw material is in static state and its shape can not destroy. Before drying, it can carry out the treatment of disinfection. When raw material is dried in dynamic drier, raw material is turned over ceaselessly. S0 it can be dried better and more uniformly.
In the state of vacuum, the boiling point of raw material will be dropped. Therefore it is suitable for drying raw materials that are unstable or thermal sensitive. The vacuum drier also has good air-tightness. So it is also suitable for drying raw materials that contain strong irritative and toxic gases and the solvent needs to recover.
The vacuum drier has been wide used for pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry, dyestuff industry and so on. Air is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.


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Main technical parameter:

Type FZG-10 FZG-15 FZG-20
inner size of drying chamber(mm) 1500x1060x1220 1500x1400x1220 1500x1800x1220
outer size of drying chamber (mm) 1924x1720x1513 1513x1924x2060 1924x2500x1513
layers of baking support 5 8 10
interval(mm) 122 122 122
size of baking tray(mm) 460x640x45 460x640x45 460x640x45
quantity of baking tray 20 32 60
working pressure inside the pipe of baking support(MPa) 0.784 0.784 0.784
operation temperature of baking support, -35-150 -35-150 -35-150
degree of vacuum inside the chamber when operation in idle (MPa) -0.1 -0.1 -0.1
under the condition of-0.1 Mpa and 110,evaporation rate of wate,(kg/ 7.2 7.2 7.2
when condensor is used,Model ,and power of vacuum pump( kw) 2X-70A 5.5KW 2X-70A 5.5KW 2X-90A

when condensor is not used,Model,and power of vacuum pump (kw)

SZ-2 4KW SZ-2 4KW SZ-2 5.5KW

Weight of drying chamber,(kg)

1400 2100 3200



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