RG0.8-110 Encapsulator(Water Cooling)


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RG0.8-110 Encapsulator(Water Cooling)

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Model RG2-110 soft-capsule production line is a new generation of rolling-mold water-cooled soft-capsule line optimally designed and finely manufactured on the basis of foreign latest technology.
Its main technical specifications reach the international advanced level and conform to standard GMP.
Model RG2-110 soft-capsule production line consists of the gelatin-melting pot, thermal-insulated gelatin-storage pot, electrical control panel, main machine conveyor, setting-drying rotary-cage, ruptured-gel recovery unit, and colloid mill. It works under the following principles. The oily or gelatin-insoluble liquids, pastes, or plasters (e.g. extract form Chinese Medicine Herbs) are injected into between two rolling gelatin skins in a given quantity, cut, and then formed through two rolling molds into various-shaped soft-capsules, such as egg-shape, fish-shape, cylindrical shape ball-shape and calabash. These products are widely used in many industries such as medicine, cosmetics, health goods and pesticides.
This production line offers the following ten merits:
■ The water-cooled models eliminate the dust contamination resulted from the air-cooling.
■ In comparison with 6-inch model the optimized rolling-models increase the output by 30%-40% and meanwhile remarkably enhance the utilization ratio of gelatin.
■ The gelatin is pneumatically conveyed from the thermal-insulated gelatin-storage pot through the ground, which improves the production environment.
■ The food-grade conveyance belt produced by Lexno Corporation (USA) (FDA an approved) is used for conveyance of capsule, which is non-toxic, non-sticky, and easily washable.
■ The setting-drying rotary cage is made of stainless steel expanded sheet, which is free of dead corners and easily washable. An oil pan is placed under the rotary cage to ensure a working environment free of oil drops.
■ All the electric elements are imported from famous manufacturers and have stable performances.
■ In production of low-dosage products, the accompanied 10-station and 14-station injection rod fully utilizes the width of molds and enhances the gelatin-utilization ratio and output.
■ The optimal-designed injector extends the range of consistency of medicine solution.
■ The improved capsule-peeling unit minimizes the probability of wrapping of the waste gelatin skin onto the gelatin-peeling rod.
■ Except that the injector, the spreading box and the rolling-mold conveyance belt are made of special materials, the parts contacting with medicine are made of 304 or 316 superior stainless steel and absolutely conform to standard GMP.
Main technical data:
Model of the machine RG0.8- I10
Die Roller Speed 0-3.5r/min
Die Roller Dimension ¢72 x 110
Single Piston Pump Material Supplied 0-0.8ml
Power Supply 380V 50Hz 0.75Kw   220V 0.75Kw
Noise target <70dBA
Overall Dimensions 850 x 750 x 1520mm
Net Weight of machine 400kg
For convenient operation, it is directly fixed on the main machine. The food grade conveyance belt of Lexno Corporation (USA) (FDA approved) is non-toxic, non-sticky, and easily washable, and it eliminates both the difficulties in thorough clearing of the gaps between the meshed stainless steel belts and the cross-contamination in production of different varieties.
Main technical data:
Working Length 750mm
Liner Velocity 2.5m/min
Power Supply 220V 25W
Overall Dimensions 950 x 260 x 200
Electrical control panel:
The electrical control panel of the main machine is used for control of running and thermostat of the main machine, the conveyor, the thermal-insulated gelatin-storage pot, and the setting-drying rotary-cage, as well as for frequency-conversion infinite speed-adjustment and digital display and in order to ensure high reliability and service life in the panel elements from international famous manufacturers are used.
Thermal-insulated gelatin-storage pot:
Volume 170L
Water Stored Quantity 60L
Heater Power 220V 2Kw
Temp. Control Range 0℃-99℃
It is used to store the gelatin solution during production of the soft capsules.
■ The three-layer jacket type design has remarkable effects in thermal insulation and warm-retention.
■ The water-bath heating and Japan imported PKC temperature controller may accurately control the temperature of the material inside the pot.
■ The pneumatic conveyance of gelatin through the ground improves the production environment.
Setting and drying cage:
Shaping Rotator Joint Quantity 4
Shaping Rotator speed 8r/min
Power supply 380V 370W X 4
Fan capacity 2500m3/h x 2
Fan power 380V 320W X 2
Overall Dimensions 3900 x 610 x 1100mm
Net Weight of machine 400Kg
Each group of setting-drying cage consists of 4 sections and both end faces are providing with fans. The driving system of each section may be clockwise and counterclockwise rotated and independently controlled. It is mainly used for setting the capsules soft capsules formed from the main machine and for drying of the cleaned capsules.
■ The split-manufacture mode facilitates users site installation.
■ The cage body is made of 304 superior stainless steel expanded sheet and is possible to easily and thoroughly in wash.
■ A stainless steel oil pan is placed under each section of cage to keep the production shop clean.


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