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Ampoule filling and sealing production line

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The compact line is composed of KCQ series vertical ultrasonic washing machine, GMS-B circulating heating air sterilizing oven, and AGF series of horizontal ampoule filling& sealing machine, each one can be used stand alone, it apply for producing of 1-20ml ampoules and 2-15ml vial. The compact line could complete procedures such as water filling, ultrasonic washing ,three time of water washing (two time circulating water+one time of fresh water washing), three time air spraying, sterilizing , cooling, filling and sealing, protection gaseous filling (compressed air filling+ and nitrogen filling), the machine is a high speed ampoule production line that developed by our company and comply with GMP, by making effort for year after investigations on actual situations in china, with high-speed capacity in production and high qualified rate, it is convenient to service with low preparing costs ,especially suitable for water injection of animal medicines, PLC system is used on the machine for automatic control on the whole production process.
Machine consist of:
Vertical ultrasonic washing machine  (KCQ)
Circulating heating air sterilizing oven  (GMS-B)
Ampoule filling& sealing machine  (AGF)
■ Mechanical gripper are used on ampoule washing machine apply for 1-20ml ampoules and 2-15ml vial,
■ The ampoule/vial does not stop while washing process, the water and air nozzle following the ampoule and insert into ampoule, good quality washing effect, and water economy
■ The circulating water tube and fine washing water tube is separated, there is no cross contamination, the washing process is validatable.
■ Guiding sleeve for spraying nozzle is made of imported ceramic, wear-proof.
■ The whole out-feeding section is adopted synchronous belts to transfer ampoules, stable and reliable
■ Circulating heating air exert on the ampoule while in process, Good temperate distribution, energy economy.
■ Set protection device to protect HEPA in case of power failure, more safe.
■ The sterilizer could be attached with water cooling unit to decrease air consumption, and make the air pressure in the clean room steady.


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