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ACQ Series Ampoule Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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Main usage:
ACQ80 (60) (40) Ultrasonic wave washing machine is specially designed for automatic washing of various kinds of ampoules. This machine is mainly applicable for the washing of 1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml and 20ml ampoules. This machine is of vertical rotation structure, it uses mechanic hand to clamp and overturn the bottle, it uses ultrasonic washing and water-air alternation spray to wash the bottle one by one.
This machine has an overload protection device, once the main shaft is overloaded, the machine will stop immediately. On the washing control cabinet, there are filling machine’s working state feedback light and visual talking, or man-machine interface display and control, the operator can know the clean room internal working state at any time. After the bottle washing machine is started, during the linked processing, it is automatically controlled according to the working states of the filling machine and the dryer.


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 Main technical parameter:

Model No.


Applicable sizes 1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 20ml 1ml 2ml 5ml 10ml 20ml
Max. production 1ml 2ml  13200 bottle/h
5ml      11000 bottle/h
10ml     9000 bottle/h
20ml     6000 bottle/h
1ml 2ml  21000 bottle/h
5ml      16000 bottle/h
10ml     14000 bottle/h
20ml     9000 bottle/h
1ml 2ml  24000 bottle/h
5ml      21000 bottle/h
10ml     18000 bottle/h
20ml     12000 bottle/h
Power 10.45 kw
Water consumption 0.25 Mpa  50℃ 0.3 ㎥/h

0.25 Mpa  50℃ 0.45 ㎥/

0.25 Mpa  50℃ 0.6 ㎥/h
Air consumption 0.25 Mpa     30  ㎥/h 0.25 Mpa     45  ㎥/h 0.25 Mpa     60  ㎥/h
Outline dimension 2170×2230×1400 (mm)
Weight 1900 kg


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