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QCK Ultrasonic Washing Machine

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Brief introduction:
QCK series is the product which our factory has large output for the passed many years. It is deeply favored by pharmaceutical factories. Its advantages: simple structure, easy operation, easy to clean low cost. It can be used for washing of molded vial and big volume plastic bottle. Scandalized parts can be easily changed.
■ Ultrasonic wave can clean the wall of the vial, the cleaning effect is good, and the speed is adjustable by inverter.
■ Clean compressed air water can wash the wall of the vial thoroughly.
■ Structure is compact; volume is small with stainless steel water tank. The washed water can be used as recirculation water after filtering. The cleaning effect is good and the cost is low.
■ Easy operation and fully automatic control.
■ Can suits vials with different spec. The change part is easy to change.
■ Can use as single machine or part of the production line.


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Main technical parameter:

Item Specification
Available 2-20ml, 30-250ml
Capacity(vials/min) 130-500(7ml)
Clear qualified rate ≤99.5%
Bottle broken rate ≤ 0.1%
Noise(dB) ≤70
Injection water Pressure:0.25∽0.30MPa
Water consumption:0.45m3/h
Temperature:60℃∽ 80℃
Pure water Pressure:0.25∽0.30MPa
Water consumption:0.45m3/h
Clean compressed air consumption 8Nm3/h(0.2Mpa); Oil free, dry,0.1μfilter;
Power(Kw) 4 (380v/50Hz three phase)
Overall Dimensions(mm) ≤2260×900×1600(LXWXH)
Machine weight(Kg) 600


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