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LAQS 1.5S Leakage and Sterilizing Machine

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Brief introduction:

This series is a kind of high-performance and high-intelligent equipment for sterilizing, leak detecting and cleaning, which adopts colorful touching screen and PLC control. It is mainly used to sterilize and detect leakage for ampoule, oral medicine, small infusion bottle, etc. It has advanced design, reasonable structure and high-grade control. After sterilization, by means of vacuum plus water, the detecting rate of wastes is assured to be 100%. Finally cleaning by water assures bottle cleanly and uncontaminated surface of bottle. Working Principle Drawing: Vacuum Leak Detecting Test: Bad quality of ampoule is put into a certain vacuum degree and then can break or leak, so after vacuum test it is so easy to be checked out, the unqualified ampoule and then eliminates from the production line. Dyes Material Leak Detecting Test: Firstly put the water which has the dyes injects into the sterilizing chamber, the water should be up than sterilized material, and then adding pressure to make the dyes into the ampoule, then exhaust the water in the sterilizing chamber. The dyes in the ampoule can be checked out easily.

Main technical parameter:

Design pressure 0.245Mpa ,Vacuum degree -0.095Mpa 

Working Pressure 0.22Mpa ,Steam source pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa

Design temperature 139 o C ,Water source pressure 0.1- 0.3Mpa 

Working temperature 134 o C ,Compressed air pressure 0.5-0.7Mpa 

Heat equilibrium ≤± 1 o C 

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