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RO+EDI water treatment machine

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This system is equipment for water purifying mainly based on one-stage reverse osmosis and EDI.
The pretreatment part of the system is composed of multiple-level, multiple-media filter, active carbon adsorption filter and sodium ion demineralizer. It can eliminate the insoluble impurity, colloid and suspended matter in the water, improve water quality, reduce water hardness, make the SDI15 value of the water be lower than 4.
Water quality’s deep treatment system is composed of micro-hole filtration, reverse osmosis and EDI. The reverse osmosis is a membrane filtration technology, and is the reverse process of natural osmosis. The natural osmosis means that when the water and the solution are at the two sides of the semi-permeable membrane, the water will automatically flow to the solution side through the membrane. When adding a certain pressure onto the solution side, the water molecule in the solution will permeate to the other side through the membrane, and the consistence increased solution will be discharged. This kind of semi-permeable is called reverse osmosis membrane, the diameter of the membrane hole is ≤10*10-10m. The separation objects are matters within ion scope and with molecular weight of several hundreds.
The reverse osmosis is a more economical way used for water purifying treatment which is commonly accepted by the world currently. It can eliminate impurity, virus, heavy metal compound, and etc. in the water, and it can eliminate inorganic ion, small molecule, bacteria, virus and pyrogen which are less than 1nm in the water.
EDI is the best advantage equipment for desalting in the world currently. It has several characters, e.g. high reclaim rate and good stability. EDI is composed of ion exchange resin, ion exchange membrane, clapboard and electrode.


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