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Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. Ltd. (SPM) is a manufacturer and supplier of solid preparation machinery, liquid processing equipment,and pharmaceutical packaging machinery. Established in Shanghai, China, SPM has been in the pharmaceutical industry for many years. Our experience and knowledge in this field enables us to provide superior pharmaceutical machines at cost-effective prices. We also provide complete production lines, and deal with turnkey projects...
  • 商品概要 : Series Rotary Tablet press machine model ZP1100 is a new generation products. There is altogether four types. It is economical High-Speed Tablets.
  • 商品概要 : It is mainly used to press hard-forming materials into tablets in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industries.
  • 商品概要 : The machine is used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries, it press various granular raw material into normal-circular tablet and abnormal tablet.
  • 商品概要 : Our rotary tablet press, a kind of medical machinery, is mainly used for pressing various granular raw materials into special shaped, annular, and double-side marked tabl
  • 商品概要 : ZP100 rotary tablet press is a serial product widely used by pharmaceutical, food industry to produces all kinds of round tablets and irregular tablets.
  • 商品概要 : The machine is a single-press type. The outside part of the machine is fully enclosed. It meets the GMP requirement. Install pre-pressure and main pressure.
  • 商品概要 : Rotary Tablet Press Model ZP11 is used in electronic industry, food industry, and chemical industry. Articles of everyday use industry and pharmaceutical industry.
  • 商品概要 : This machine is suitable for pressing round tablets form various kinds of granular materials, but also different geometrical shape tablet, specially for small-scale batch
  • 商品概要 : The outside part of the machine is full-enclosed. The material of the cover and the inside tablet face is stainless steel.
  • 商品概要 : It is widely used to press various granular materials into tablets in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical, ceramic, electronic and battery industries.


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