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    Engineering Design

    SPM engineering capabilities comprise of proven processes and best practices which guarantee Quality by Design implementation from the outset and looks to provide integrated design, construction and GMP compliance.

    SPM takes into account the different flows of personnel, raw materials, packaged and finished products, as well as electricity, steam, pharmaceutical water and other industrial services focusing on a good energy saving, utilities efficiency and an increase in environment productivity.

    What Designs Sectors We Offer?

    • Pharmaceutical Process Installations
    • Production and Packaging equipment
    • Clean Rooms
    • Air Systems HVAC
    • Dust Collection
    • Electricity & Control
    • Fire Fighting

    Engineering Phases

    Conceptual Design

    Conceptual design is a preliminary study and definition of the initial requirements of spaces, installations, process equipment and required ancillary systems, to comply with the main GMP requirements as well as local and international standards.

    Basic Engineering

    During the basic engineering of the project, we focus on the financial aspect of the project and details of the design depending on different project aspects.

    • Estimation of price to develop the project in turnkey basis and contract proposal.
    • Manufacturing equipment list and utilities, with capacities, and basic specifications.
    • P&ID of pharmaceutical utilities, industrial utilities
    • Piping routings of pharmaceutical utilities and industrial utilities.
    • Preliminary reactors and vessel drawings.
    • Process piping routing.
    • Preliminary HVAC schematic drawings.
    • Final room book with requirement for utilities, electricity, and control system.

    Detailed Engineering

    In this phase, we deliver to our clients the final project cost estimates according to the disciplines where different decisions and stages are consolidated with the users before proceeding to the next level of design.

    • Final P&IDs
    • HVAC work design, single line and double line drawings
    • Final utilities capacities
    • Detailed architecture for clean rooms
    • Specification of manufacturing equipment; Technical data sheets
    • Drawing of manufacturing equipment in detail
    • Lighting design and distribution
    • Final electrical drawings
    • Cable tray trays routings
    • Firefighting system details
    • Control system required for process and environmental control

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