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    Lifetime Services Starts From The Beginning

    SPM is a quality-driven company, and we believe quality service and reliable after-sales are essential for the machine and our customer. Behind every customer, there is a team of workers that provide a throughout service from the moment we get your quotation.

    Performance Service

    SPM experience and expertise comprised of highly qualified engineers. The team dedicated to mange process performance and avoided down time. Here are SPM, we attach great importance to testing and periodical inspections in order to bring a greater economical value to our customer.

    Remote Assistance

    24/7 Real-time remote Assistance

    SPM remote assistance service allows our global customer to be directly contacted with a group of expertise in real-time. With the help of remote control established on the machine control panel, our Experts intervene efficiently and only visit sites when requested.
    For information safety, an authorization to connect to the machine will be required during remote assistance.

    Spare Parts

    SPM has a wide range stock of spare parts that guaranteed the optimum delivery time and ensure lowest production lost. Spare parts management is critical for a continuous operating machine. Working with SPM staff will help you determine your need.

    • Always In stock spare parts
    • Short installation lime
    • Accurate Fitting
    • Availability of parts for at least 10 years
    • Spare parts purchasing plan based on the equipment condition

    Training Program

    SPM offers a wide range of training programs that tailed especially for your production processes. Only the right qualified personnel who possess in depth knowledge can operate help you achieve the optimal performance of your equipment. Either on-site or in our factory, you always will get a balanced mix of theoretical principles and practical exercises.

    What We Offer

    • Process training
    • Service Training
    • Operator Training
    • Maintenance training
    • Automation Training

    Your Benefits

    • Optimum capability of your process and equipment
    • Increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness
    • Reduction of any miscommunication or human error
    • Increased employee operation success
    • Reduction of service interventions and downtime

    On Site Services

    The best way to keep a high level of safety and reliability is to work with our customer during onsite service that adapt to each specific requirement.

    Installation and start up

    • Installation process according to the scheduled project timeline
    • Fat and SAT testing for quality assurance
    • Trail run and inline operation

    Qualification Support

    • Full set of documentation offered by specialists
    • Continuous adaption to the latest GMP and other regulations
    • Software management that regulates procedure for date integrity and optimal performance
    • Calculated materials flow for high level quality control

    Process Optimization

    • Proceed for optimum operation efficiency
    • Preparation of calibration documentation and experiment
    • Prevention of unnecessary human intervention and trouble shooting

    Aftersales Service

    SPM have a complete after sales service team to provide a better service to all our customers. As a window of service, a galaxy of experienced technicians and service personnel with professional knowledge will offer the customer the solution of kinds of technical problems, and share the joys of being on the leading technology together with our customers.

    • Periodical routine maintenance check
    • Onsite and phone call follow up
    • Software and structural Upgrades

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