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    An ampoule is a hard glass container that can be fused and sealed. It is often used to store drugs for injection, vaccines, serums, etc

    Vertical ultrasonic bottle washing machine can complete the ultrasonic rough cleaning of the bottle, bottle wall cleaning, bottle three gas and three water cleaning. The hot air circulation tunnel sterilization oven can dry and sterilize the cleaned bottles to get rid of heat. The ampoule wire-drawing and filling and sealing machine can complete the functions of nitrogen filling before, medicine filling and nitrogen filling after. The linkage line is equipped with domestic and foreign advanced instruments and meters, which can detect, print and store process parameters online. At the same time, the sealing machine is equipped with isolation protection system, in line with the requirements of the new GMP. This machine for pharmaceutical large mechanical and electrical integration of high intelligent equipment, product performance is stable, simple and reliable operation, beautiful appearance. The machine can meet the requirements of different bottle specifications and different production output according to the technical requirements of users. It can also be used alone.

    Our Solutions Comprise Modules For

    • Vertical Ultrasonic Bottle Washing Machine
    • Hot Air Circulation Tunnel Sterilization Oven
    • Vertical Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

    What You Can Achieve

    • Customized Solution
    • Various production rate
    • Cost optimization
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