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    Cartoning Packaging


    Carton packaging is suitable for packing blisters, tubes, ampules and other related objects into boxes. It has the advantages of maintaining product quality, convenient transportation, storage and sales.
    The carton machine independently developed and produced by SPM adopts frequency converter to adjust speed, man-machine interface operation, PLC control, and photoelectric monitoring of each station. In this way, once an unexpected situation occurs, its running speed will be accelerated, it will stop and automatically display the reason, so that the problem can be solved in time. The machine can be used alone or linked to other machines as a production line.

    Our Solutions Comprise Modules For

    • Blisters packaging
    • Tubes packaging
    • Bottle packaging
    • Ampules packaging

    What You Can Achieve

    • Cost optimization
    • Efficient production
    • Personalized customization
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