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Who we are: 
As the standards rising for sterile product, there is a booming demand and market for aseptic filling technology. Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery., Co. Ltd invented our new brand Shanghai Vsun Technology., Co. Ltd in 2013 which specialized in Aseptic Blow Fill Seal technology. Our engineering team renovated and redesigned based on the current technology and successfully developed VSUN® Aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal System for Plastic Parenteral. Now, VSUN® is the certified high-tech enterprise BFS manufacture that provide for both small volume and large volume parenteral. SPM® and VSUN® will continue our engineering passion for machine development and continue to provide aseptic total solution to better serve the industry.
What is BFS?
BFS is short for Blow-Fill-Seal technique. It has been developed so that formation for the container, filling and sealing takes place in a single machine under a controlled environment that enables the packaging of a pharmaceutical liquid in an aseptic manner. As the container is made, filled and sealed within a single machine and protected by sterile laminar air, the chance of contamination is very remote. Moreover, during the whole cycle, all process media like solution, air & etc. are previously sterile filtered and open containers remain exposed to the clean room air for less than 1.5 seconds. The Blow-Fill-Seal technology become the process of choice when contamination of particle and microbial are primary concerns in a production. 
BFS Technology Advantages:
  • No needle needed to extract medicine liquid
  • Finger won’t be injured or stabbed
  • There are no glass debris, bacteria or plastic granule in medicine liquid.
  • Operation process will not result in damage of the container
  • Storage and transportation is convenient
  • Waste treatment of plastic ampoule is safe and no pollution
  • Blow-Fill-Seal with once molded forming, shorter time for liquid exposure, low risk for pollution.

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