YPD-200C Type Tablet Hard Instrument


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YPD-200C Type Tablet Hard Instrument

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Applicable standards:
YPD-200C type tablet hard instrument suitable to making trial of tablet’s hardness in each of medicine factories, education and research of medicine, and medicine examining departments: equipped with advanced transducer’s circuit, installation of taking in and taking off with motor for automatic measure. Operation convenient, measuring accuracy high and good intuition of measuring value displaying with digital tube in this instrument regarding being master of laboratory’s datum relative to medicine tablet’s hardness reliability how to effect on coating, packing and transportation as well as to degrees of cracking relief and dissolution of medicine tablet’s measured hardness, essential basis to be offered.

Main Technical Specifications:
■ Maximal diameter of measured tablet: 16mm
■ Pressure’s limit of measured tablet: 0-200N
■ Measuring accuracy: +-2%N


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