ZPM500 Series High Speed Rotary Tablet Press


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ZPM500 Series High Speed Rotary Tablet Press

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This machine is one kind of tablet press machine, of granular materials into tablets.
It is mainly used to press hard-forming materials into tablets in pharmaceutical industry and also the chemical, food, electronic industries.
1. This machine adopts a fully enclosed structure with the operation compartment isolated compartment isolated from the outside. Ensuring the cleanness in the tablet compressing area without creation of cross contamination with the outside. The compressing compartment is wholly made of stainless steel, which is in compliance with the GMP requirement on the production of pharmaceuticals.
2. The surface of turret is with chrome playing to avoid the wearing of turret.
3. The machine adopts the adjustment of speed by means of frequency inversion. The motor is connected with under plate to avoid the motor shaking when working.
4. Fully automatic lubrication system with interval type, micro flow and quantitative, to lubricate the upper&lower tracks and the heads of punches and reduce the wearing of these parts.
5. An overload protection unit is equipped in the machine to avoid the damage of the punches and apparatus. When overload occurs, the machine stops automatically.
6. Different kinds of impellers for force feeder, to meet the feeding requirement of different raw materials.


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Main Technical Specifications:

Number of punches and diess(sets) 35 43 51 55
Model of P/D(mm) IPT25.4 IPT25.4 IPT19 IPT19
Outer diameter of middle die(mm) 38.1 30.16 24 22
Max. Pre-pressing compression pressure(kn) 18 18 18 18
Max. main compression pressure(kn) 100 100 80 80
Max. tablet diameter(mm) 25 18 13 11
Max. filling depth(mm) 20 18 15 15
Max. speed of rotary table(r/min) 25 40 45 50
Max. production capacity(pcs/h) 105,000 206,000 275,000 330,000
Main motor 7.5kw/1430r/min/380v/50Hz 5.5kw/1430r/min/380v/50Hz
Overall Dimensions 950x1300x1850
Net weight(kg) 2500Kg


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