After many weeks of continuous hardwork, the maintenance team of SPM in the Middle East successfully installed the BFS equipment (AFP4D. The team team will enter the final finishing work of the equipment.

On the eve of the epidemic, after a long period of communication and discussion, SPM's Middle East sales team and the customer’s shareholdrs personally led a team of 5 people to fly to Shanghai to inspect our factory. The contract was signed on this trip for our large-volume double-station aseptic Blow-Fill-Seal Systems for Plastic Container Parenterals : AFP4D. After more than 4 months of intense production, the equipment was completed in June 20 and started tunning. Due to the travel restriction during the pandemic, the FAT sessions was hold online. The continuous video conference showed the details of the equipment and successfully completed the FAT work of the equipment. The result is perfect so that our equipment has been recognized by customers and passed the FAT inspection. Our company arranged SGS inspection for the machine before shipment. We passed the SGS inspection and certification for the equipment and its packaging and issued the SGS inspection qualification report.

Even though everyone1 is affected by the pandemic and the international situation in many ways, our team has overcome various difficulties and the equipment safely arrived at the customer's factory in late January. After the customer completed the renovation of the plant in July, our company sent a total of 5 maintenance teams in the Middle East to provide services to the customer and achieved a victory. Here we express our heartfelt thanks to the SPM maintenance team in the Middle East! We are thankful for their unremitting hard work day and night! We hope you can make persistent efforts and we will tide over the difficulties together!