On the afternoon of September 23, Henan Provincial Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association, Henan Provincial Pharmaceutical Quality Management Association Small Volume Injection Professional Technical Committee, and our company Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. successfully held Henan Provincial Injection Henan Province Injection Opinion Symposium and Production Safety Seminar in Zhengzhou, China. Association President Zhao and Expert Committee Director Zhang Yuxin attended the meeting. Niu Xiaogang, Director of Production Supervision and Management Division of Provincial Food and Drug Administration, Wang Guanghua, Director of Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, experts from Provincial Institute for Drug Control and Ms. Bian, General Manager of Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery, were invited to attend. The meeting was presided over by Lin Feng, Secretary-General of the Association.

The purpose of this meeting is to fully implement the spirit of the Henan Provincial Drug Administration on the high-quality development of pharmaceutical companies and related regulatory policies, strengthen the quality and safety control of injections, powder injections, and large infusions, and fully listen to the opinions and suggestions of companies in order to promote the overall development of the injection industry in Henan Province. Due to the special administration characteristics of injections, the regulatory authorities regard them as one of the most risky varieties. Compared with oral solid preparations, they face more problems. Therefore, this conference conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on hot topics such as policies and regulations, quality and safety, production technology, and industrial development.

At the symposium, companies such as Tianfang Pharmaceutical, Fusen Pharmaceutical, Runhong Pharmaceutical, Xinhe Aid, Suicheng Pharmaceutical, Sinopharm Rongsheng, Kelun Pharmaceutical, Zhuofeng Pharmaceutical and other companies actively spoke about the injection industry in Henan Province. Suggestions and suggestions on issues and future development. Director Wang Guanghua and Director Niu Xiaogang gave responses and replies to related questions. They pointed out that in the critical period of current comprehensive and high-quality development, the association holds injection professional symposiums, which is conducive to relevant departments to understand the current situation of the injection industry to formulate in accordance with the actual situation. Practical and feasible development policies are of great significance to promote the high-quality development of the injection industry in Henan Province. It is hoped that the association will hold more activities of this kind in the future to actively reflect the situation of the industry and serve the development of the industry. At the same time, the opinions and suggestions put forward at this meeting will be summarized and analyzed and submitted to relevant departments for research.

Subsequently, Director Wen Jingwei, former deputy director of Henan Food and Drug Inspection Institute, conducted a wonderful analysis on "Analysis of Henan Injection Products". The detailed data gave participants a deep understanding of the overall situation of Henan injections. Qiao Chong, deputy director of the Department of Biochemistry, Henan Food and Drug Inspection Institute, conducted an in-depth analysis on the theme of "the influence of pharmaceutical packaging materials on small-volume injections".

During the corporate sharing stage, experts from Shanghai Pharmaceutical Machinery and China Otsuka Pharmaceutical, which are important in China, shared on "Using BFS Technology to Make Sterile Products" and "Application of Blow-Filling Technology in the Production of Sterile Preparations" . The participating companies have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of the BFS equipment situation and practical applications.

As the representative of Henan Province injections development, Wang Yanmin, Vice President of Rongsheng Pharmaceutical of Sinopharm Group, and Liu Zheng of Henan Runhong Pharmaceutical Quality Management Department, discussed the "Exchange and Sharing on the Prevention and Control of Visible Foreign Objects in Small-Volume Injections" and "Continuously Improve GMP Management Level to Ensure Product Quality and Safety” Hot topics were shared. As excellent representatives of quality management, their sharing undoubtedly provided a lot of reference and reference for everyone.

The complete success of this meeting received strong support and help from the Henan Provincial Hospital Quality Management Association, as well as special assistance from the small-volume injection professional committee, Henan Runhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Sinopharm Group Rongsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Thank you very much!